About Android casinos and their rewards and promotions

Android casinos, such as 1-onlinecasino-canada , are known to give handsome bonuses to their players. To receive your welcome bonus, simply register with your casino and make a deposit. There are two kinds of welcome bonuses.

Kinds of welcome bonuses

You can use the Play Only Bonus for playing selected games. You can't withdraw this virtual money. Any wins straight away go to your regular casino account. But some casinos allow you to withdraw your welcome bonus.

  • Bonuses are privileges and not rights.

If your bonus is $10 and the staking factor is 10x, you'd have to stake $100 to withdraw your welcome bonus. You will have to bet this money on that casino' s selected games.

Matching and Percentage Bonuses

When you deposit $10 and receive the same amount as a welcome bonus, this bonus is a matching bonus. On the other hand, if the bonus is $100, this is an example of percentage bonus.

You may also get a few free spins in the welcome package. Use these bonus spins to maximize your winning chances on slots. Casinos often impose betting limits on free spins. Please read bonus terms and conditions.

Welcome bonus terms

You can't transfer your Welcome Bonus to others. Casinos award just one welcome bonus per IP address. Please claim this bonus as soon as you can because it has a shelf life. Read on.

In most cases, there is no limit to how much you can win by your welcome bonus. Android casinos can discontinue their welcome bonus any moment and without informing the players. There are other rules as well.

  • Some casinos award free welcome bonuses to their new players.

High Roller and Loyalty Bonuses

You get a high roller bonus from your casino when you take high risks on your game. This bonus can be as high as $1,000, and it takes care of your risks. Please read on.

Those punters who play more games and lay more bets receive one or more loyalty bonuses from their casinos. This reward comes to you in the form of loyalty points which can be later redeemed for bonuses.

  • Bonuses can be denied to some new players.

Reload and other bonuses

Since Android casinos want you to reload your accounts more often, they pay reload bonuses at frequent intervals. These intervals could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Don't be surprised at getting cash backs from your casinos.

By simply liking the social media page of a gambling website, you can receive a social media bonus. Similarly, if you deposit money via a preferred gateway, you can get a very special bonus.